You are Unique…

हुस्न  के  कारवाँ  में  तू बेजोड़ है,
और तुझसा नहीं कोई.!

खुदा भी कशमकश में तुझे भेज,
वहाँ तुझसा नहीं कोई.!!


Husn Ke Karwan Mein Tu Bejod Hai,

Aur   Tujhsa   Nahin  Koyi.!

Khuda  Kashamksh Mein Tujhe Bhej,

Wahan Tujhsa Nahin Koyi.!!


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  1. Nice one!😊😊

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  2. Thanks a lot Shambhavi ji.

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  3. nice 😀 I can recognize the image 😀

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  4. Happy Sunday ❤ 🙂

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  5. Wah! Wah! Awesome dilkash love your shayari every time☺☺

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  6. Lovely words my friend.

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  7. Very beautiful

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  8. Thank Shehanne Moore Ma’am.

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  9. I’m Glad You Like It Preeti ji.Thank U So Much.

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  10. Lovely words

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  11. Thanks a lot Morgan Ma’am.

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  12. You’re welcome

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