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Your lips are like a rose’s petals,
Your eyes are Ghazal of a poet,
Pink cheeks like morning’s redness,
Tell me the reason,
Why I should not love you…
There is no one in World like you,
Moon is nothing in front of your beauty,
The beauties of world standing behind you,
Oh God.! then, 
Why I can’t propose you….


Of course life is more than Love,
But life is less than Someone’s Feelings…

बेशक जिंदगी प्यार से बढ़कर है,
लेकिन जीवन किसी की भावनाओं से कम है.!!



Without you,
Hopeless aim less breathless,
An unfinished poem।

Meaning of Life…

What’s Life…
Life Is Dream.
Pickup Many Colors.
Life Is Experience,
With Busy Schedule…

Life Is Lovable.
When You’re In Love.
Life Is Interesting,
If You Achieve Your Goal…

Life Is Joyful,
It’s Journey With Your Partner.
Life Is Hell,
Loose Your Credibility…

Life Is Desire,
Always Uncomplicated.
Life Is Awesome,
When You Love Your Life.


Your Love is Like a Tissue Paper…Use & Throw……

A basic defference between Me & You,
You love and then forget.
I try but I can’t forget You…


तुझ में और मुझ में एक बेशकीमती फर्क है.!
तू चाह कर भूल जाता मैं चाह के भी न भूल पाऊँ.!!


Tujh mein aur Mujh mein ek beshkimati phark hai.!

Tu chah kar bhul jata Main chah ke na bhul paaun.!!

Miss you…

अपने-अपने नसीबों की बात है “सागर,
किसी  को  मिला कोई महरूम रहा.!

प्यार की खोज में भटका हर कोई मगर,
इक खाली कहीं पत्थर में रब्ब मिला.!!


You’re not here,
But your memories are always with me…
That loving words,
Fighting with me in full night in short poems…
Never never forget…
Miss you…


बहुत चाहा था तुझे समझाना,
पर हाल-ए-दिल कह ना पाए.!

गल्तफहमियाँ कुछ ऐसी बड़ी,
माफ़”सागर“को कर ना पाए.!!

Life is a Challenge…

Life is a challenge,
Struggle is a guide to meet the way of goal.

To achieve the goal,
You  should  spread  your  arms with smile.





Break the bottle, break the stone or break the mountain,
But never break a lovable heart…


बोतल तोड़िये पत्थर तोड़िये या तोड़िये पहाड़.!
पर कभी किसी का प्यार भरा दिल न तोड़िये.!!

Difference Between Me and You…

Your’re egoistic…
I’m polite…
You forget Me…
You’re in my heart beats…
Your love is melting like ice …
I never think about life without You…
That’s difference between Me and You…


तू मुझे चाहे न चाहे ये तेरी समझ की बात है.!
मैंने तो अपनी यह ज़िन्दगी तेरे नाम कर दी.!!

Broken Heart…

The broken heart never connects, like a broken glass never leaves a mark…



(1)Format Your Hard-Drive…

ना भूल ये शेर ये नग्में मेरी आखरी निशानी हैं,
इससे आगे तो बाद मेरी कहानी है.!

कैसे समझाऊँ तुझे अपनी तबियत का आलम,
कुछ पल की ज़िन्दगी की रवानी है.!!


I know you don’t reply me back…
But if you really hate my love…
Please delete my memories in your heart…
It’s my humble request..


I’m rough and tough,
Don’t try to love me,
I don’t know meaning of love,
You know I’m untouched…

I’m emotionless,
I”m heartless,
Leave me alone,
I don’t want sympathy…


After Few Days I Leave Word-Press…
Maybe My Time Is Over…


I’m the best,
No one is standing,
In front on me…
But I’m so Soft
Like a fruitful tree,
Bending on the ground…
That’s my Ideology,
Culture of life.
My style…



Nnightmare. !!

Your smile,
Bend the eyelids,
draw close,
I remember even today.!
Vibrating lips
Aromatic breaths,
Body’s heat,
How can I forget.!!

Your love,
Your consent,
There is hope to live.!
This restlessness,
And Loneliness,
Your memories,
Now is a nightmare. !!


तेरा मुस्कुराना,
पलकें झुकाये,
करीब आना,
आज भी याद है.!
कंपकाते होंठ,
महकती सांसें,
तन की गर्मी,
कैसे भुला सकता.!!

तेरा प्यार,
तेरा इक़रार,
कसमें वादे,
जीने का सहारा हैं.!
ये बेचैनी,
और तन्हाई,
तेरी यादें,
ख़राब ख्वाब है.!!


What’s love…



What’s love…
Sweet words,
Some Swearing,
Some promises,
Teach and,
Get together,
Waiting & waiting…


What’s love…
Union of hearts
Dream’s Flight,
Some wishes,
One thought,
Mutual trust,
Good understanding.
Thinking to play together,
Birth to birth’s relationships…


What’s love…
Sacrificing one another,
Beautiful pain,
Emotional feelings,


I know the Value of Respect…

कभी पागल कहते कभी बेवफा कभी कुछ,
उनकी नज़र में यक़ीन क़ाबिल नहीं हैं यारो.!

अपनी कमनसीबी समझें या उनकी नादानी,
बस अब तो दुनियां से दिल भर गया है यारो.!!


No I’m an Idiot,
I don’t know Privacy.!
But I know One thing,
I never Defame You.!!

I know the Value of Respect…

Life is Challenge…

Barely get life,
Its very difficult to have true friends.!
You’re lucky,
You have so good friends.!!


If someone hurt you,
Give them love,
You’re great,
Forgive them.!!


.Everyone goes one day,
Who is alive always here.!
Everybody’s in some problem be here,
Nobody knows when meet again. !!


Don’t be scared of the problem,
Life is a challenge.!
Face up patiently,
Beat the problems..!!



Your own Guilty…

You lost yourself in your words,
You fallen in someone’s love.!
Enjoy your life in beauty of lies,
Coz your breaths are safe in Ocean‘s heart.!!


दिल हार कर चले दुनियां से.!
देख-देख याद कर रोना तुम.!!

Awesome Beauty…


Life is marvels uncertainty glories,
Nobody knows where it’s end.
But life is awesome,
Enjoy her beauty…



Today I’m not well,

So Good Bye…


You’re “Sagar’s” life…


I lost my heart,
In your deep green eyes.!
You’re always mine,
I’m dancing on your lips.!!

You have great mind,
With full of different colors.!
You’re very cute,
God’s gift to my life.!!

You’re “Sagar‘s” life,
Like the spring season.
You’re smell of breath,
Like way of life.!!


I’m Unsolved Person…..!!

I’m unsolved person,
My heart is in problem.!

Everybody want help,
But nobody help me.!!



Love v/s Hate…

You never love me,

That I know…

But you never hate me too…



Welcome November 2017…”Sagar”

Oh.! God Please fulfill all Dreams of
My Nearest‘s and Dearest‘s.


जाने क्या बात है नवम्बर,
तुझ संग बेवफाई  करने को जी चाहता है.!

शायद थक गया हूँ बहुत,
बेवफओं से अब दूर होने को जी चाहता है.!!

Sweet Dreams…


Good Night Sweet Dreams…

When you sleep tonight,
You see me in your dreams.!
And you come to my dreams,
Like every night.!!

When you wake up in the morning,
Find a sign of my love on your lips.!
My story is also like your feelings,
Your name is written on my lips. !!




First Love…

Poetry is my passion my life,
I Can live without you,
But I can’t dreamed life without my first love…

You all Knows Better Than Me.


शायरी/कविता मेरा जुनून मेरा जीवन है,
मैं तुम्हारे बिना जी सकता हूँ
लेकिन मैं अपने पहले प्यार के बिना जीवन का सपना नहीं कर सकता…


लोग शायरी कर दिल लगाते,
यहाँ दिल लगाते ही शायरी के लिए.!

शेर-ओ-शायरी में आग तभी,
जो दिल में जले शोला प्यार के लिए.!!

Good Morning Sunday…

Every new second is a new ray of life…

Forget your past think it’s beginning of life……#Sagar




Your lips are like a rose’s petals,
Your eyes are Ghazal of a poet,
Pink cheeks like morning’s redness,
Tell me the reason,
Why I should not love you…


There is no one in World you like,
Moon is nothing in front of your beauty,
The beauties of world standing behind you,
Oh God.! then, 
Why”Sagar“can’t propose you…

Unsolved Problem…

Person who could never have a respect for me,
Now she says she loves me …
Can I believe on it…?


Always Remember…

Respect of Partner is First Stair for Love.


When I Look Into Your Eyes…….’Sagar’


When I look into your eyes,
I forget all the painful things.!
World look-like a paradise,
I never feel uncomfortable.!!

When I look into your eyes,
I saw a ray of hope.!
A blind faith dancing in it,
Lot of love drizzling.!!

When I look into your eyes,
The desire to live awakens..!
Everything looks beautiful,
Sagar‘s”pic looks in your eyes.!!

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