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Our Friendship,
Has No Shape, 
It Can’t Be Measured,
With A Tape… 

Our Friendship,
On Blue Sky,
With Full Of Colors,
Means God Make…

Our Friendship,
Tastes Like Cake,
It’s Sweet Cute &,
Never Fake…
Our Friendship,
Feels Genuine & True, 
Here’s Wishing,
A Happy Nice Life To U…❤️❤️

Our Friendship,
Flows Like”Sagar“Wave,
It Adapts According To,
Situation & Matter…




May 31, 2017 6:34 AM



#Respect  ❤️❤️❤️


I’m Sorry But Respect Is For Who Deserve It,

Not For Those Who Demand It…
If U Want Respect,

U  Have To Learn To Give It Too…
Make Sure To Earn Respect…

खुद ही फैसला करो यारो,
फूल के बदले फूल मिलेंगे.!
पथ्थर उछालोगे आस्मां पर,
सर पे फिर कैसे फूल पड़ेंगे.!!



Lover’s Praise

beauty of.jpg

He Said “You’re So Beautiful…”

She Reply “Oh!!Mr.Your Eyes Are Beautiful…”


That’s Beauty Of Love-Thinking…


Je Mainu Pasand Kardi,

Saneha De.

Je Mainu Pyaar Kardi,

Jawab De.

Je Kuz Nyin Te,

Rabb Rakha…💖💖💖

if u.jpg

If You Like Me,

Massage Me.

If You Love Me,

Reply Me.

If You Can’t,

All Is Over…💖💖💖💖

Dangerous Beauty…Cute Heart ❤


You’re a slayer,

You slay with the help of Your craziness,

You’re beautiful(You probably get that a lot!),

Well craziness defines You completely…

You’re genuinely an awesome Person,

Different from the other,

But perfect in a way of,

Your own…

Made For Each Other…

” I Was Thinking Of You,

Feeling Fortunate That Life Brought Us Together,

Made Us Best Friends,

I Cannot Lose You,

Because If I Ever Did I’d Have Lost My Best Friend,

My Soul Mate.🙄😘💋

Every One Needs A Guy To Help There Laugh,

When They Thinks They’ll Never Smile Again,

I’m Glad I Have You.

I’m Sure,

That There Is No Other Person In This World,

Whose Heart Is As Beautiful As Yours.

After All,

I Know You So Damn Well.”


U & Me…

After Me,

Don’t Remember Me.!


You Never Love Me.!!



मेरे बाद,
मुझे याद ना करना.!
क्यूँ कि,
तुमनें मुझे कभी नहीं चाहा.!!


Beating Heart…


She is Innocent,




Simply Why?


She is My Heart,

She is Mine.!!



Few Word Are Enough…To Explain Feelings.


I Never Purpose  Anyone,

I Can’t Know Much About Love.!

But I Know Only One Word,

You’re Only MineSagar‘s’ Love.!!

Oh.!Dear Sweetheart,
I Propose You.


Speech Of Broken Heart…

You’re My Dream girl. You Posses Everything That A Boy Wants In His Girl. You’re Cute, Gorgeous, Stunning, Bold. Stay The Same.

But You Know What Hurts Me That You Have Become So Busy These Days, You Don’t Even Reply Properly.In No Way That’s Gonna Stop Me From Admiring You .I’ll Always Remember You. I’m In Love With Your Smile.        I Love ❤ You Too Much. 

I Was Awestruck Seeing You. I Mean How Can Someone Be So Cute, So Perfect ❤ You Know Right You’re A Perfect Girl Goal For Each And Every Guy, And Also That There Are A Load Many Guys Crazy For You.

A Guy Would Be Stupid To Leave You. You’ve Got Mesmerizing Eyes, Beautiful Hair And A Smile Like A Way Of Life 💎


We Have To Face Many Ups And Downs In Our Whole Life So We Should Face Them With Courage And Always Remember God At The Time Of Lurch. Stay Blessed. Peaceful And Happy.

Anyway Take Care


Sagar’s Home…

You Search,

On Sky,

In Stars,

On Tree,



But Why,

You Can’t,

Saw Your,


Sagar‘s Home,

Is There.!!


Before Last Journey.!!

Stars Are Alone,

Waiting For Moon.!

I’m Alone,

Waiting For You.!!

Come Fast,

‘Sagar’Needs You.!


Last Journey.!!







So Sorry…

Oh.!!So Sorry,

You’re My Second Love.

First is My Attitude…


If You Love My Attitude,

Maybe I Think For You…

Selfish Lover…

If You’re Mine,

My Life Is Yours.!

If U Love Someone,

You’re Nothing.!!


Of Course You’re Stupid.!!

     Of Course You’re Stupid,

     You Don’t Have Any Mind,

     You’re Heartless,

     But You’re Awesome…

I Know You Hate Me,

You Can’t Trust Me,

You Can’t Missed Me,

But You’re So Beautiful…

     I Know I Hurt You,

     Disregarded Your Feelings,

     But I Know I’m In Your Dreams,

     Coz You’re Mine Only Mine…


Feb 1, 2016 7:45 PM



For Some-One Special…


Your Cuteness Level is Un Measurable.

You’re a Gift to Those Around You.

Your Hair Just Adds to Your Gorgeousness!

Your Humor Damn,

Just Wow…


I Bet You Sweat Glitter.

You are Even more Beautiful on the Inside,

Than You’re on the Outside.

You are Really Smart,

You’re my love my dove…


You’re Got an Attractive Personality!

Good Looks,

Perfect Body I must say that *_* xD

You’re Sweet and Nicee ^_^

You’re Here Only For ‘Sagar‘…

only for me.jpg

     Stay Blessed and Happy…

                                                                    At  11:37 PM                                                                                                                                                            17/July/2016



 Dedicated To Brazilian’s…..(On Demand)


जो कहना कहे ‘सागर‘,
अब दिल टूटता है किसी का तो टूट जाए.!
हसीन हैं यहाँ बहुत पर,
दुनियाँ में इन हसीनों का कोई जोड़ नहीं.!!   



 I Never Find Answer,

 Why Brazilian’s Girls Are So Beautiful,

 Tall Slim Silky Intelligent,

 Why Brazilian’s Girls Are So Charm full…..

 God Make Them In Free Time,

 Full Of Beauty With Open Mind,

 Friendly Nature Nothing Hide, 

 Stunning Partner Long Term Love,

 Why Brazilian’s Girls Are So Thoughtful…..

 Looking Like Colorful Flowers,

 Walking-Talking In The Garden, 

 They’re Too Sweet for this World,

 Believes in Lifting Up Others,

 Why Brazilian’s Girls Are So Faithful…..

I Never Find Answer

Mar 29, 2016 7:55 PM

Touching Feelings.!!


 Thoughts You’re The Best Thing Happen To Me,

 I Love The Way You Care,

 The Way U Explain Me Stuff,

 Love The Way You Laugh,

 Meet Me Soon💕

 Miss You😵

 You look gorgeous

 You Don’t Need Any Cuteness Level,

 You’re The Cutest For Me,

 Cause I Have To Deal With Your Mood,

 Swings Your Burps.

 Your Tantrums,

 Your Love For Me,

 Extra Love…

 Your Stupid Lame Jokes,

 Your Never Ending Talks,

 Like Everything,

 And I Love It,

 I Seriously Do,

 Love You…


For U.!!

For U.jpg

Midsummer’s night,
You’re with me❤️

U’re as Smooth as,

Tennessee Whiskey❤️❤️

U’re as Sweet as,

Strawberry Wine❤️❤️❤️

U’re as Warm as a,

Glass of Brandy & Honey❤️❤️❤️❤️

I Stay Stoned on Your Love all the Time 


❤❤ U Are Really Blessed ❤❤

I Don’t Know,

If Someone Told U That,

But I Have,

To Say This That,

God Has Really Blessed U !!

God Has Stole,

All The Stars,

From The Universe,

And Gave It All To U,

Sparkling Gorgeous Eyes.!!

avatar (1)

Charming 😍,

U Know,

You’re The Prettiest Ever,

I’ve Seen In This World,

With Big Gloomy Eyes.!!

A Delightful Treasure,

And A Beautiful Cherub,

U Are Gorgeous,

Adorable With,

An Appealing Personality.!!

Beautiful in Every Sense Irrespective of Any Tense.!!


U’re So Pretty & Kind,

U Never Disappointed People Off,

U Treat them Good,

U’re an Amazing Person,,,,,

U’re the Most Beautiful,

I Wish I Could Meet U Someday,

And Know U as a Person!

I Wish this Happens Soon #Hopes,,,,,

U’re that Person Who Works for Others,

Rather than Herself,

Believes in Lifting Up Others,

That is Something Which Makes U Beautiful,,,,,

“Beautiful in Every Sense Irrespective of Any Tense”

I Love U For Ever.!!

On Hand.

U Love Me Or Not,

It’s Not On My Hand.!

I Love U For Ever,

It’s On My Hand.!!

In Your Dreams.!!

Hey! Sweet Heart,

I”m With U,

In Your Dreams,

Whole Night,

With Sweet Smile,

Good Night,

Sweet Dreams,,,,,

Touching Your Feelings,

I’m With U,

Kissing Your Lips,

In Your Eyes,

In Your Heart,

Good Night,

Sweet Dreams,,,,,




To You.!!

I Love Ur Name,

You’re So Pretty,
You’re Perfect,

So Sweet Cute Loving Caring Etc,

The Way U Hugged Me Yesterday,

I Mean So Tight,

I Know How Much U Missed ❤Me,,,,,

I Can Share Every Stupid Thing With U,

U Always Understand It, 
I Can’t Think Of Living Without U,

You’re So Important For Me,

Although We Annoyed Sometimes,

But Still Love U The Most,

U Know That,,,,,

U Gets So Annoying Sometimes,

Please Don’t Kill Me After Reading This, 
You’re The Most Beautiful Alive,

I Love U So Much,

Stay The Same,

Stay Pretty,

“Sagar’s” Loves U,,,,,

Hey ! Sweet-Heart, 

My Heart Said,

U Loves Me,

I”m In Your Dream,

You’re My Breath,

My Love Is True,

Only For U,,,,,

To U

Most Proud Of?


You’ve Been Through Rough Times,

You’ve Faced Hardships,

You’ve Soaked Pillowcases In Salty Tears,

You’ve Swept Your Worries Under The Rug,

You’ve Been Beaten Up & Beaten Down,

You’ve Been To Hell & Back,

And You’re Still Here,

You Little Champ,

Look At You Living Through It All,

Look At U Beating All The Odds,

Be Proud Of Yourself If No One Else Shall,

U Deserve It,

Life Philosophy?

Very First Thing,

According to Me,

Don’t be Shy,

Shyness Makes U,

Lose Many Opportunities in Life,

Everything Happens for a Reason…


Forgiveness is the Way to,

Help the Most,

And Humor is the Best,

Medicine for Whatever Ails U,

And Yeah! Sometimes U Got to,

Go With the Flow too…

Marcy full God Please Help.!!

The Luckiest Parson On The Earth Is,

Who You,







Get Married,,,,,

I Shell Try My Best But I Failed,

Because She Think,

I’M Rude,

I Don”t Have Guts,

Unemotional Poet,


Oh God,

Oh Marcy full God,

Please Help Me,,,,,


If Beauty is Like U.!!

My future 💚💚

I Don’t Know Where You Are?

But My Heart Beats For You…👨


If Beauty is Like U,

I Love Beauty.

If Moon is Like U,

I Appreciate It.

If Life is With U,

I Proud on My Luck.

If I’m In Garden of Beauties,

I Look Only U.

If God Comes In front on Me,

I Want I Wish U.

If I Were at Your Place?

I’d Walk Upto & Propose U.

If I Loved Someone to Me,

She’d be Worth the Shot.

If You will Be with Me,

I Promise I Die in Your Hands.


Message For Some-One Special.!!


You’re the Most Prettiest,

In this Entire world,

I Can Sacrifice,

You are Special for Me,

Your Hair-Eyes are the,

Prettiest Thing,

One Can Ever Think of…

You’ve Always Been at My Back,

Always Supported Me,

You’re Too Much Beautiful,

 I Love You So Much 😂😂,

I Would Really Appreciate,

If  You would go do Something,

Better with Your Life… 

Tomorrow is Never a Guarantee,

So we Should Do Things,

That Make Us Happy,

And Spend Time with,

Those that Make Us Smile,

Life is Too Short to Be,

Anything But Happy…

One Word is Enough To Describe Someone.!!


I’m Never over from You,

I Cried all Nights,

Waiting for You.

I use to stay in Dark,

To Hide up My Emotions,

I know You Didn’t Care.

I was Tired Loosing My Sleep,

Begging You Please Don’t go,

I Pleased You on My Knees,

I Did Every Fucking things,

To Save My Love.

Things go Wrong in Relationship,

I Accept it,

I Do Accept That,

I Didn’t Expected,

Such a Huge Outcome,

I Miss Those Small Moments,

I Miss Pulling Your Cheeks,

I Miss the Way,

You Care for You….

I’m Here,

I Don’t Know,

Where You are Lost,

I’m done with Second Guessing,

I wonder if You Still think,

About the Time,

We Spend Together & Memories,

Which was Made by Us,

I Miss Playing with Your Hair,

I am Done with My Finger,

Running on Your Hands,

I am done Remembering,

What We were,

I didn’t mean Anything Intentionally,

Things went Wrong,

I Couldn’t save My Love,

I Lost You,

I Can’t Hate You,

Even though I Want,

I Can’t

When I Read Old Chats,

I Feel How Cute We Were,

And Keep on Smiling,

On Our Stupid Chats,
Yet Anyone Ask Me,

You Still,

Love them or Hate them,

I would Reply,

My Heart is Broken into,

Thousands Piece,

I Need You all the Time,

I wish You Reads this,

And get Affected by This

I Truly Loved Her,

I Still do,

Things have Change Now,

I know its Not Easy,

To Save Our Love Again,

I Wish You,

Good Luck for Your Future. 🙂

One Word is Enough,

To Describe Someone.

You’re Too Sweet for this World :”)

You’re Pumpkin,

Always there to make My Day,

With Your Compliments,

I Love it Seriously :’)

You’re Quite Friendly and Entertainer,

As well its the best thing,

Bout You always,

Stay Happy and Blessed :”)


Oct 18, 2015 8:08 PM

I Think.!!

I Think,

My Dream is to just Keep,

My Parents,

Happy and Everything,

Else just Falls into Place,

I Used to be a Right,

Headache and Still they,

Never ever Lost,

Hope or Gave up on Me,

What goes Around comes,

Around and It’s their,

Time to Enjoy,

Nothing makes,

Me Happier,

Than Seeing Them Happy…


I have no regrets,

Everything thing I have done,

Up to this Point has made,

Me who I am,

I learn from My Mistakes,

So I won’t make them Again,

Even when I do things,

I probably shouldn’t have,

I find out what kind of,

Stuff I’m made of,

For better or worse,

Everything I have done,

Is part of Me,

And Since I like who I am,

I have to Respect the,

Things that have,

Gotten Me to this Point…

For You.!!


I’m Coming for You

Because All I need is a

Beauty and a Beat

Who can Make

My Life Complete

I Belong with You 💖
You Belong with Me 💖

We Don’t Know Each Other

But Your Post Caught My Eye

And I Ended up Reading

All Your Answers

You are Undoubtedly Beautiful,

But what Matters more

Is that Your Heart is more

Beautiful and

Your Answers are Love

Wish We Could be Friends.

People like You are

Rare and Invaluable

Now a Days… 

I Can Read Your Lips On My Finger Tips

I Admit

I’ll Never

Be The Perfect One

I’ll Never

Always Be There

I May Fail to Make You

Smile at Times

But there is One Thing

I Would Do

I Could Be the Person

I Am for You

Your Perfection

So Cute and Beautiful

That I Wish

We Could Talk Everyday

And Be The

Best Friends Forever ?

Look into My Eyes,

You will See My Tears

Close Your Eyes

And Miss Me
I Can Read Your Lips

On My Finger Tips

And the Happiness

In Your Eyes.


The Day.!!

May Be,

You Remember Me,

You Miss Me,

You’re Weeping,,,

May Be,

I Don’t Have Enemy

Nobody Hurt Me,

Nobody Blame Me,,,

The Day,

End Of Desires,

I’m On Journey,

The Show Is Over,,,


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