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You’re 😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍

When Someone Not Response Properly Means…

All is Over…”Sagar” 


You’re so beautiful 😍😍
As my wish,
As my dream…
You’re so Intelligent,
As your performance,
As your dedication…

I love your attitude,
Your style,
Your Arrogance…
I like your closeness,
See yourself in my eyes,
You’re so beautiful 😍😍

I’m the baddest person—–‘Sagar’


Everybody hate me,
Nobody want me.!
I’m a angry man,
I never believe in love.!!

I don’t know,
Meaning of love.!
I don’t know,
How to love.!!

I’m the baddest person,
In this world.!
But I know one thing,
I can’t live without You.!!

I love Red——————-‘Sagar’


There are many colors,
Every color is beautiful,
But one color is,
Most important…..

Her heart is Red,
Her lips are Red,
Her cheek are Red,
Her tongue is Red…..
When she is in full flow,
Her eyes become Red,
Like wine in glass,
That’s the reason…..

I love Red…..


Without You…

I love the Planet,
I love the Roses,
I love the Nature,
I love the Moonlight,
I love the Nightmares…..

But without You,
All are Fake,
All are Useless,
Nothing is lovable,
Life is Charmless…..


When Words become Silent, You talk in dreams…

How I can say I don’t love you,
I don’t believe on you.!

You’re the reason for alive life,
How I can live without you.!!



You’re Mine…

It’s not necessary you love me,
It’s not necessary your praise for me.!
But it’s true my heart’s beat is for you,
You’re smell of my breath. !!


ये जरुरी नहीं तुम मुझे चाहो,
ये जरुरी नहीं सरहाओ.!
पर ये सच है मेरी धड़कन हो,
मेरी सांसों की महक हो.!!


Something is definitely in you,
Why all are crazy on you.!
Believe me sweet heart I love you,
The rest are unaware in the love.!!


कुछ तो है तुझ में ज़रूर,
क्यों सब तेरे दीवाने हैं.!

प्यार करता हूँ यक़ीन करो,
बाकी वफ़ा में अनजाने हैं.!!



12:11 A.M.

Every One Think He’s Right………….’Sagar’

Every one think he’s right,
Because every one have there own reason for his guilt.
So please give them one more chance if possible.


Most Soft Most Lovely Planet Is A Moon.!!

The most beautiful in solar system,
Planet is a moon.!
Most soft most lovely,
Planet is a moon.!!

You’re very beautiful,
Like the moon on the sky.!
The same coolness provided,
Like the moon on the sky.!!

That’s the reason,
I like you.!
That’s the coz,
I love you.!!



Migraine a painfull pain,.jpg

Migraine a painful pain,
Which   hurt  head  in  many  ways.!
Control  our  all feelings,
With playing a very powerful game.!!

By Heart…………’Sagar’

By Heart............'Sagar'.jpg

Hi beauty I love you,
My breaths are for you.
Your beautiful picture is always,
In my eyes.
Your lips look like,
Rose petals.
I always pray,
Your smile is maintained.
Always stay happy,
May God fulfill your,
All the Wishes.

I’m Falling in Love…..’Sagar’

I'm Falling in Love.....'Sagar'.jpg

When I see you first time,
On the top of your roof.!
I think I am in dream,
I pinch on my hand.!!

I try my best
But I can’t forget you.!
I think now,
I’m falling in love.!!

Before that I never know,
What is love.!
Now I understand,
The value of love.!!


Your first step in my life,.jpg

Your first step in my life,
Like the sink to support the straw.!.
So far I am just living,
Now life began just in style.!!


I love you

I love you
In this life.!
In every birth.!

What I Want To Write You…………….’Sagar’


What I want to write you,
After sometime my heart say,
I have many things to tell you.!!

That awesome beauty of moon,
Is like you.!
Like a rose petal,
You have lips. !!

As eyes are,
Deep water of the lake.!
And looked in it,
My reflection. !!

Not to say anything.
Further more.!
Thinks a lot,
But I can not say it. !!

Under The Moonlight……………’Sagar’

Under The Moonlight,.jpg

Under the moonlight,
You look so beautiful.!
Your white color shining,
Like snow fall on earth.!!

Insect birds flying away from here,
Just like the spring has arrived.!
Flowers are also being enhanced,
Have fun all the way.!!

It comes in the heart,
Why not time stopped there.!
Under the moonlight,
When you’e with me.!!

Where Ever The Wind Takes Me…………..’Sagar’


Where ever the wind takes me,
Dear I remember you.!
When I fly like a bird,
I think you’re with me.!!

Life is so enjoyable,
When you’re with me.!
Whole world looks colorful,
When your breaths hits my breath.!!

I Pray God,
Time should stopped here.!
So I can enjoy my life,
Who knows when end arrive.!!


If…..Candle Of Life Can Never Be Extinguished.!!

Life’s flame can never be extinguished,
Do the work like this.!
Friends keep alive even after death
Do the work like this. !!

Human life is difficult to get,
Don’t waste your time.!
Priceless breaths of life,
Offer to the world. !!

Alive for others Die for others,
Should be the aim of life.!
If we are successful in doing so,
Candle of life can never be extinguished.!!


जीवन की लौ कभी बुझ ना पाए,
काम ऐसे कीजिये.!
मरने के बाद भी यारो जिन्दा रहो,
काम ऐसे कीजिये.!!

इंसानी जीवन मुश्किल से मिलता,
व्यर्थ ना कीजिये.!,
जीवन की अनमोल सांसों को,
दुनियां को अर्पण कीजिये.!!

दूसरों के लिए जियो दूसरों खातिर मारो,
यही जीवन का लक्ष्य होना चाहिए.!
अगर ऐसा करने में सफल रहते हैं तभी,
जीवन की लौ कभी नहीं बुझेगी.!!


We Can’t Compare Life With Other Things…..'”Sagar”


Football is a game,
Play for entertainment,
Politics is a fight for command on others,
Pride for someone.!

Life is way of Relations,
Feelings with full of faith,
For others the name of sacrifice is life.
Thought for others.!!

We can’t compare life,
With other things,
In game we work hard for next time,
In politics we think for next elections.!

But once you lost your life,
You don’t have,
Second option,
That’s meaning of life.!!

If I Could Turn Back Time……’Sagar’


If I could turn back time,
I talk to all my nearest.!
I spend maximum time,
With my parents and family.!!

I remember those days,
When they are with me.!
We share each other’s feelings,
We debate on many issues.!!

But time will never come back again,
Once you lost you lost for forever.!
So please respect,
The value of time.!!


I Can Feel Your Heart Beat………”Sagar’,

I Can Feel Your Heart Beat....jpg

I can feel your heart beat,
In my breaths in my ears.!
I can’t forget you because,
You’re in my heart in my dreams.!! 

This life is for you,
My target is only one only you.!
Your beauty is God gifted, 
You presence is everywhere.!!

When I take breath,
Your picture dancing is my eyes.!
Every minutes of life your memories, 
Are kissing on my lips.!!


Goodbye My Friend………’Sagar’

Goodbye my friend,
You’re more than my life.!
Your presence is valuable for me,
Your smile is special for me.!!

Goodbye my friend,
What can I say you.!
Don’t remember me,
Please forget me.!!

I try to forget you,
Your dreams and memories.!
The time is over,
I know the game is over.!!



I Have a Beautiful Kitty Cat…..’Sagar’

Kity cat.jpg

I can’t have nice things,
I have a kitty cat.!
But I’m fully satisfied,
Because I have a beautiful cat.!!

Blue eyes,
Body is full of white hairs.!
She looks like,
Message of peaceful life.!!

When I come back home,
She always welcome me.!
She kiss my hand,
And snatch my all tensions.!!


Just in Two Minutes…

There was a lot of things,
In two minutes,
Someone’s world would have become ‘Sagar‘,
Someone’s dirty.!

In two minutes,
The eyes get to love,
And life gets ruined by,
Two minutes of hunger !!

If your lover,
Is fake,
You paid,
Heavy amount.!

Your whole life,
Is spoiled,
In just,
Two minutes.!!

two minutes.jpg

दो मिनट में बहुत कुछ हो जाता यारा,
किसी की दुनियां बन जाती’सागर‘किसी की बिगड़.!
दो मिनट में नज़रें मिल प्यार हो जाता,
और दो मिनट की दरिंदगी से ज़िन्दगी जाती बिगड़.!!

May 9, 2017 6:44 AM Post.


They are very lucky who have a daughter.!!
They are unlucky who don’t have a daughter.!!


मुक़द्दर वालों  को  बेटियाँ नसीब होती हैं!
वो बदकिस्मत हैं जिनके यहाँ बेटी नहीं.!!

Post. 12/30/2016 1:04 PM

The Lady In Red

The Lady In Red.jpg

The Lady In Red,
Beauty on earth.!
Her eyes are cute,
Her lips like,
The juice of wine.!!

the lady in Red,
Like the redness,
Of the morning.!
She gives life,
The new direction,
Explained meaning of life.!!


Your Glimpse. !!


The stars have waited to see the moon.
We are standing on the paths to get your glimpse. !!

Maybe it is called Love.!
This is the name of the love “Sagar“.!!


Life Is Painted With many Colors….What Color U Want… Love or Hates.!!

many colors.!.png

The rays of dawn often spring in life.!
After sunset in the evening, Decent night came.!!

His memories lightly kissed on the lips.!
His love brought light in the heart of life.!!

Rain and waterfall remind the past.!
When you hide in the shades of trees and you tortured me.!!

Life’s shades colored and painted with many colors.!
Its depends upon you what color you like ” Love or Hates”.!!



When Words Become Silent…”Sagar”

When words become silent,.jpg

When words become silent,
You talk in dreams.!
Without fear without obstructing,
Have fun at all times. !!

When words become silent,
Your eyes define heart’s feelings.!
You can’t say from your tongue,
Your lips’s smile is meaningful.!!

When words become silent,
Your breaths running so fast.!
Your hand touch my hand,
Your silent feeling define love.!!


One Does Not Take Life…”Sagar”

One does not take life,
The value of life is more than that.!
Life does not get repeated,
Enjoy it in every moment of time. !!

Promise-love looks good,
Provide us new way of life.!
If you find love then all is well.
Otherwise don’t waste your life. !!


एक सहारे जीवन कटता नहीं,
जीवन का मूल्य इससे बढ़कर है.!
जीवन बार-बार नहीं मिलता,
इस का आनंद पल-पल में लें.!!

वादे-वफ़ा अच्छे लगते,
ज़िन्दगी को नयी राह देते.!
प्यार मिल जाए तो सब ठीक,
वरना जीवन को बेकार ना करें.!!

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