Meaning of Life…

What’s Life…
Life Is Dream.
Pickup Many Colors.
Life Is Experience,
With Busy Schedule…

Life Is Lovable.
When You’re In Love.
Life Is Interesting,
If You Achieve Your Goal…

Life Is Joyful,
It’s Journey With Your Partner.
Life Is Hell,
Loose Your Credibility…

Life Is Desire,
Always Uncomplicated.
Life Is Awesome,
When You Love Your Life.


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Posted on August 6, 2018, in Romantic Poetry(English), Thought of the Day. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. Omg, this is really a wonderful read among what I was going through the feeds of mine.

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  2. Life is amazing, it just how you look at it…
    Nicely written… Keep it up

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  3. Thank u so much Heena ji.

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  4. I’m glad u liked it.thanks alot.


  5. Excellent read dear! Beautiful words
    ‘Life Is Awesome, 
When You Love Your Life’ 😊

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  6. Hey…
    Your wonderful writings are inspiring. So, I have nominated you for “Blogger Recognition Award.” Hope you will take part and I would love to know your story.. check it out @


  7. Akshaya Thulasi

    Beautiful 💜

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  8. Rabindranath Pradhan

    A beautiful garland of words.

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