I’m the baddest person—–‘Sagar’


Everybody hate me,
Nobody want me.!
I’m a angry man,
I never believe in love.!!

I don’t know,
Meaning of love.!
I don’t know,
How to love.!!

I’m the baddest person,
In this world.!
But I know one thing,
I can’t live without You.!!

About Dilkash Shayari

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Posted on October 16, 2017, in Romantic Poetry(English). Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I am the worst haha so cheers for you! Lovely work!

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  2. Means I’m luckiest person in the World….
    Thanks for compliments Ananya-G..

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  3. Maybe you are , maybe not. Being lucky for oneself matters the most. Most welcome coz you the own tgd star.

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  4. Why maybe Or Why Not…?Explain it.
    Tgd means?l

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  5. Lol it’s ‘the’, not tgd. Sorry for typos


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