Made For Each Other…

” I Was Thinking Of You,

Feeling Fortunate That Life Brought Us Together,

Made Us Best Friends,

I Cannot Lose You,

Because If I Ever Did I’d Have Lost My Best Friend,

My Soul Mate.🙄😘💋

Every One Needs A Guy To Help There Laugh,

When They Thinks They’ll Never Smile Again,

I’m Glad I Have You.

I’m Sure,

That There Is No Other Person In This World,

Whose Heart Is As Beautiful As Yours.

After All,

I Know You So Damn Well.”



About Dilkash Shayari- Sagar

"Everyone Thinks Changing The World,But No One Thinks Of Changing Himself" I'm Advocate(Lawyer) Writer&Poet All Copyrights Are Reserved.(Under Copyright Act) Please Do Not Copy Without My Permission.

Posted on December 25, 2016, in Romantic Poetry(English). Bookmark the permalink. 34 Comments.

  1. Beautiful….Kya baat hai sagar ji… beautifully composed…

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  2. Wow! Amazingly written

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  3. Thanks a lot Akansha ji.

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  4. Welcome Mr.Christopher Sir.

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  5. Sir? Hahaha… Please don’t call me sir call me Chris… And I’m glad you stoped by to welcome me. The man who never sleep. Lol..😎✌

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  6. “Sir”for Respect to a Great Man Bro.
    Merry Christmas Chris Sir..
    All to Best Wishes for You & Yours
    May God Fulfill Your Every Desire In 2017.
    Always Stay Happy.

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  7. Awh man thanx… Much respect and in joy your holiday to.

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  8. Welcome * Thanks Mr.Christopher.You too,
    Have a Nice day.

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  9. Your welcome an I will do👍

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  10. Just Chris… Hahahaha I understand it’s respect but you make me sound so old. Lol

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  11. The only thing you cant buy is friendship.
    It´s the basis of love.
    My conclusion:
    No love without friendship, no friendship without love.
    Why don
    t we sing this song all together….

    Thank you!

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  12. So beautiful, thank you for sharing
    Merry christmas dear

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  13. Thanks a lot,I’m Glad U Like It.
    You’re Welcome.
    Same to You Anita Ma’am.

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  14. You’re Welcome.
    Merry Christmas Mr.Pete J. Probe Siir.
    All to Best Wishes for You & Yours
    May God Fulfill Your Every Desire In 2017.
    Always Stay Happy.


  15. Thanks a lot Shalini ji.,

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  16. I’m So Glad You Like It,
    Thank You Rewa ji.

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  17. My Pleasure Rewaji.

    Thank U Welcome Pleasure Se Aage Baat Badegi.!
    Lagta ‘
    Sagar‘ Zindagi Bas Yahi Tak Simti Rahegi.!!

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  18. Ashutosh Gursale

    Wonderfully wrriten💫

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  19. I’m Glad U Like It Aahutoshji.


  20. Ashutosh Gursale

    🙂 you’re most welcome

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  21. Acha likh lete ho👍

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  22. Achcha Ji,
    Shukriya Rewa ji.

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  23. very welcomee dear friend
    kisses back to you

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