One Word is Enough To Describe Someone.!!


I’m Never over from You,

I Cried all Nights,

Waiting for You.

I use to stay in Dark,

To Hide up My Emotions,

I know You Didn’t Care.

I was Tired Loosing My Sleep,

Begging You Please Don’t go,

I Pleased You on My Knees,

I Did Every Fucking things,

To Save My Love.

Things go Wrong in Relationship,

I Accept it,

I Do Accept That,

I Didn’t Expected,

Such a Huge Outcome,

I Miss Those Small Moments,

I Miss Pulling Your Cheeks,

I Miss the Way,

You Care for You….


I’m Here,

I Don’t Know,

Where You are Lost,

I’m done with Second Guessing,

I wonder if You Still think,

About the Time,

We Spend Together & Memories,

Which was Made by Us,

I Miss Playing with Your Hair,

I am Done with My Finger,

Running on Your Hands,

I am done Remembering,

What We were,

I didn’t mean Anything Intentionally,

Things went Wrong,

I Couldn’t save My Love,

I Lost You,

I Can’t Hate You,

Even though I Want,

I Can’t


When I Read Old Chats,

I Feel How Cute We Were,

And Keep on Smiling,

On Our Stupid Chats,
Yet Anyone Ask Me,

You Still,

Love them or Hate them,

I would Reply,

My Heart is Broken into,

Thousands Piece,

I Need You all the Time,

I wish You Reads this,

And get Affected by This


I Truly Loved Her,

I Still do,

Things have Change Now,

I know its Not Easy,

To Save Our Love Again,

I Wish You,

Good Luck for Your Future.🙂

One Word is Enough,

To Describe Someone.

You’re Too Sweet for this World :”)

You’re Pumpkin,

Always there to make My Day,

With Your Compliments,

I Love it Seriously :’)

You’re Quite Friendly and Entertainer,

As well its the best thing,

Bout You always,

Stay Happy and Blessed :”)


Oct 18, 2015 8:08 PM

About Advo. R.R.'SAGAR'

"Everyone Thinks Changing The World,But No One Thinks Of Changing Himself" I'm Advocate(Lawyer) Writer&Poet All Copyrights Are Reserved.(Under Copyright Act) Please Do Not Copy Without My Permission. @R.R'Sagar' (ADVOCATE)

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