Don’t Say Good Night.!!

अभी-अभी तो आए हो और अभी से गुड नाइट.!

शर्म  करो  वरना  सपनो  में  कर  देंगे बैड नाइट.!!

अभी-अभी तो आए हो और अभी से  गुड नाइट.!

Abhi-Abhi To Aaye Ho Aur Abhi Se Karte  Good Night.!

Sharm Karo Warna Sapno Mein Kar Deinge Bad Night.!!

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  1. HAhaha!!😁
    Nice one sirji!✌

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  2. Thanks a lot Chandni ji.

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  3. Sir ji maine likh liya us topic pe!😊

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  4. Dekh Liya Hai Bahut Khub Likha Hai Chandniji Ache Shayar Ban Gaye Hain Aap.

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  5. Sachhhi?😆
    Sab aapki vajah se, sirji!😊

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  6. Aisa Nahin Hai,Aaki Mehnat Aur Thoughts/Feelings Ka Kamal Hai Chandniji.

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  7. Haa but inspire toh aapne kiya na, shukriyaa! 😇

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  8. Aaki Dariyadili Hai,Khush Rahein Yunhi Likhte/Muskurate Rahein Chandniji.

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  9. Hehe, haa always! 😊😆

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  10. DON’T SAY GOODNIGHT (Original Full-Length Album Version) – Isley Brothers

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  11. Maybe,But It’s My Ouw Poetry/Shayari.
    Anyway Thanks for Reading & Comment.


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